Flexible budget-friendly pricing models website maintenance packages for small businesses.

(Pay Yearly and Save 22% or more!)

Note: The plans are applicable for Html and WordPress websites only. (Please read FAQ for details)

  • LITE S$69 /Month PROS$99 /Month
  • Website Contents    
  • Number of updates per month (per website) 2 batches 4 batches
  • Number free stock image 2 4
  • Number of video replacement 2 4
  • Security (wordpress only)    
  • Prevent hacking yes yes
  • Protect Website From Spam yes yes
  • Software update Weekly Weekly
  • Website backup Daily Daily
  • Malware virus scan Daily Daily
  • Analysis (wordpress only)    
  • Google Analytics Installation yes Yes
  • Traffic Analytics Report Monthly Monthly


Don’t Leave Your Site At Risk

You know that it’s a nasty world out there with malicious actors just itching to get their dirty hands on your WordPress website. You also know that you should probably be doing “something” to keep your WordPress site safe from all those baddies.

What you might not know is what that “something” is.

Don’t worry – securing your WordPress site doesn’t require you to be a programming guru, that's why we have the "SecurePack" is here to help you, only @ $19 per month (yearly billing):

  • Promptly updating your WordPress software, plugins, and themes
  • Using a secure password for your WordPress administrator account and web hosting account
  • Ensure the themes and plugins from reliable sources
  • Backing up your site and security scan on a regular basis