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Effective ways to manage a website after launching

Once you launch a website, the first few steps are very important for generating traffic and sales of your business. It’s not the time to relax, you need to consistently update and improve the website. Regular site maintenance is very important if you want to succeed and grow your business. This can be done through;
Once you launch the website, you need to clean up the website since you may have glossed over some crucial areas and you need to fix them as soon as possible in order to generate traffic. Check the loading speed for your website since a fast loading website can enhance user experience and help you rank higher in search engines. Do a content run through to check for any errors in published content and ensure the content is well optimized for search engine. Hiring a third party to proofread your work can provide an expert opinion as well as catch things that are easy to glance over.
Monitor your website's performance on Google analytics to determine web traffic. Your hosting company can provide web statistics for both sales and website performance directly from your web server. Track your website address on Google alerts to see those who are talking about you, engage with them and also thank them.
Proper maintenance enhances website security by monitoring for malware, viruses, and hackers. Setting regular monitoring will ensure the website is up to date, no threats of hackers and fix any site errors immediately. Consider installing a firewall to block unauthorized access and malicious programs on your site.
You need to be the first one to know your site is down. Install SiteUp program to monitor your site on regular basis. The program runs in the background and can issue a pop-up message when your site is down. Check for any broken links and fix them.
Site visitors are looking for what is new; you need to provide them with valuable information about your product's features. If you visit a website that is not updated regularly, will you stay there? Your website or blog should have new information to attract customers and keep them there. Continuous improvement and optimization of website content increase growth of the business. Third party software installed should be kept up to date. Once a new software patch comes out, it should be updated immediately. These updates not only come with new features but also new security updates.
Website backup should be done all the time especially if you have an interactive website like an online store. The backup is essential for data recovery in case the server crashes or your site get hacked for some reasons